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Mental Health

School Social Workers

The overall goal of the elementary school social work program is to work directly with students, their families, school staff, and the community to provide guidance, support, and nurturance so essential to academic success and sound life decisions.

School social workers are licensed mental health professionals trained to provide support and interventions to children and families proactively and in times of emotional/mental health crisis. They do this by providing individual, small group and family support. 

Please note that social work settings are created around the ever-changing and unique needs of each school and may vary throughout the year and at each site. Please contact your child’s school social worker for more information.

Your school social worker helps:

Christine Kroeze

Christine Kroeze

Social Worker
Social Worker
Glacier Hills Elementary

Virtual Calming Room

Sometimes life can be overwhelming and it can be hard to work through difficult times. This Virtual Calming Room was designed to assist in identifying different strategies for managing emotions. 

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