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GH student with teacher playing brass
Susan Smith

Susan Smith

Instrumental Music Teacher
Deerwood Elementary, Glacier Hills Elementary

Creating good habits, learning how to practice correctly and building self-confidence, the District's goal is to develop within each student a lifelong enjoyment of music.

The instrumental music program at Glacier Hills provides instruction for band students in small and large groups. Instruction begins during the summer prior to the child's fifth grade in the elementary schools.

Approximately 90 students including woodwinds, brass and percussion make up our elementary band at Glacier Hills. Students have a weekly lesson in small groups during the day. Students rehearse as a large group at school weekly.

Working with beginners gives us the chance to start the students on their instruments and be part of the tremendous growth that takes place that first year of playing. We work hard on developing the fundamentals of playing: tone, rhythm, correct fingering and posture, and breathing techniques.